Constructing Commercial Buildings and Factories to Develop the City

Playing SimCity is an interesting game when you are engrossed in developing the economy of the city. The residents residing in the city require basic provisions such as food and other items for their daily living. The mayor will have to build commercial buildings to provide daily groceries, provisions and other stuff for the residents. The next priority should be given to employment of the residents which are provided by bringing in new factories and other industries.

Know one need to know how to hack simcity buildit if you follow these little things and practice them in the game. Markets and stores are commercial buildings that help to provide goods to the residents. They buy products and sell them to the residents of the city at a profit. The mayor should have plenty of commercial buildings to provide products to the residents. These buildings provide income to the city through tax and rent. If the commercial buildings are not in the sleeping icon occurs to show that these building are not in use. You can also construct commercial buildings which will make the residents happy as they will not have to travel much to buy commodities You can also move these commercial building by dragging it into a different location. The only point to be remembered is that there should be good road facilities so that customers can walk or drive to these locations and goods can be brought in and taken out easily. The plot should not overlap on other properties.  Timing the production process, using the City Storage for optimum usage of area are some criteria that should be monitored.


When you want to start a factory in your city, you should see that factory plots are available. The number that appears on the factory icon shows how many such plots are available. Select the factory you want and drag it to the location where you want to place it. You should place them strategically so that raw materials can be taken into the factory and finished products can be delivered for sales. Hence transport facilities should be available and it should not overlap on any other property. These two points have to be kept in mind while placing the factory at a particular location. The pollution level should also be checked as residents do not prefer the smoke from the factories and show their discontent. Hence try to locate factories away from heavily populated area. If you are not pleased with the location of the factory, you can move them away to a more convenient place by holding on the button over the factory and dragging it to a different place. Sometimes outdated factories will have to be demolished. Hold onto the button over the factory and bulldoze it by pressing on the bulldozer icon.

Construction work involves a lot of money. It is not only about construction of buildings, it also requires good transport facilities, good roads, trade ports and other such facilities Unless Simoleons are generated at a high speed, these constructions will halt and the city revenue will fall. You can try the SimCity Build Guide for unlimited supply of Simoleons to help develop your city.

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